Soil Sampling

Careful soil sampling is essential for an accurate fertilizer recommendation. An accurate evaluation will result in more efficient fertilizer use, which can increase yields and reduce costs. This can also potentially reduce environmental pollution.

We sample on any customer-chosen grid size or zone type utilizing Veris, soil types, and yield maps among others. Standard soil sampling depth is 6″-8″ but we don’t stop there, we have the ability to test down to 2 feet! We will sit down with each client, review their farming operation and create a custom soil sampling and fertilizer recommendation plan to maximize crop yields. We are an independent company which means that we will send your spread maps and files to the fertilizer company that our client chooses to use. Contact us today so we can start creating a custom plan for you!

1-on-1 Consulting

We will review Yield Data, Soil Sampling Maps and other Input Data to create the best recommendations possible for each situation.