20/20 DeltaForce

New Product Released from Precision Planting!!

Source: Precision Planting news release

Precision Planting introduces today, 20/20 DeltaForce; the down force control system that delivers row-by-row, rapid response control for Deere, Kinze and CNH planters.

Four years ago, Precision Planting introduced the 20/20 AirForce® system, which was the first tool to provide automatic down force control. By sensing the weight carried on row unit gauge wheels, the 20/20 AirForce system maintains consistent seed depth while reducing excess weight that can lead to root zone compaction.

With DeltaForce, Precision Planting gives growers a new choice for automated control. Weight sensors and hydraulic cylinders on every row allow each row to independently react to the changing soil conditions. While shrinking the controlled zone from planter width to row width, this also allows the system to compensate and correct the variation of weight and force between rows.

The DeltaForce System is controlled by 20/20 SeedSense®. It is a simple retrofit system that replaces airbag or spring down force systems. It utilizes the tractor’s hydraulic system to power the row-by-row dual-acting hydraulic cylinders.

Compared to typical airbag and spring down force systems, AirForce allows operators to set a target margin – the amount of extra weight to be carried on the gauge wheels. This margin ensures that there is enough excess weight to maintain ground contact and depth, while limiting the extra weight that causes hatchet roots and compaction. With DeltaForce, margin can be maintained at near 0 pounds – rapid, constant adjustment means that each row unit is running at optimum force for depth control with no excess weight.

“Precision Planting is always looking for ways to perfect the seed environment and AirForce was a breakthrough four years ago and will continue to be the right system for many growers. DeltaForce helps us get even closer to perfection and we are excited to help growers continue to get the most out of every planter pass” says Gregg Sauder, Precision Planting founder.

The 2013 planting season will be used as a beta-test season for DeltaForce. A limited number of systems will be placed on a variety of planters over a variety of soil types and environmental conditions. After a successful test season, final specifications and pricing will be determined prior to the 2014 North American planting season.